Although the fashions of the 1970s have spent most of the following decades being derided, they weren’t all about flared trousers and hippies – in fact they’ve been a big influence on the past few years’ trends. So it seems rather appropriate that American rapper, producer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams has partnered with sportswear giants Adidas on a tennis collection inspired by the decade’s vibrant style.

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Combining modern Adidas technology with a spirit – and a colour scheme – that reflects the 70s, the Tennis Collection by Pharrell Williams includes knitwear, polo tops, cable-knit sweaters and track tops offering an updated version of the styles made famous by the tennis stars of the decade, from Rod Laver to John McEnroe.

Accessories include brightly coloured sneakers, retro-looking headbands, knee-length socks and visors, allowing you to pay homage to the decade in style that works both on and off the tennis courts.

Barricade 2017 Pharrell Williams Shoes £110, NY Colourblock polo shirt £120, NY Colourblock shorts £90, NY track top £200, NY cable V-neck sweater £200, sports towel £63. Visit